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Pre-Hang Preparation Price List

1-3/4" x 6/8 (80") Interior Doors (Add prices below to slab door price)
Jamb Width
Red Oak
Soft Maple

Pacific Coast Maple

Hard Maple
(Price x 1.1)

Paint Grade

Paint Grade
Soft Maple
(Price x 1.2)

Stain Grade
(Price x 1.15)

American Cherry
African Mahogany
Clear White Pine
Natural Birch
Spanish Cedar
Brazillian Cherry

Quarter Sawn
Red Oak
Sapele Mahogany
(Price x 1.1)

Quarter Sawn
White Oak
(Price x 1.15)

Rustic Doors

Rustic Alder
Knotty White Pine

Rustic Soft Maple
Rustic Cherry
Rustic Red Oak
Rustic White Oak
(Price x 1.1)


Clear Alder
White Oak
Rustic Hickory
(Price x 1.05)

Up to 4-5/8"
Up to 6-5/8"

For Jambs above 6-5/8", add $15 per inch. Call or email for custom jamb pricing!
Flush Astragals
(Flush astragals are for use on double doors that have a slide bolt.)

1.Double Door Units - Double above price (includes brass ball catches)

2. Brass Slide Bolts - (top of door) Add $30

3. Pre-hang Preparation price above includes solid wood jambs and door stop, AWW standard prep for hinges, prep for lockset (2-1/8" diameter bore with 2-3/8" backset (2-3/4" backset available), and latch plate prep on single hung doors. Hinges with finishes including satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, black, chrome, satin brass, and bright brass are available for $3.35 per standard residential duty Emtek hinge.

Doors are knocked down for shipping. Stop is not applied to the jambs.

Our experience has taught us to ship this way for the following reasons:

1. Solid wood doors are very heavy unlike hollow doors that don't put much pressure on the jambs. Built units simply do not travel well and get damaged.

2. Wood doors must be sealed and finished immediately on all sides and behind the hardware. Jambs should also be sealed and stained behind the door stop. This facilitates that process.

3. Doors and jambs are easily put together with everything already prepared. Nails/screws used to install jambs in opening can be hidden behind stop. Stop can be exactly applied and adjusted for a perfect fit to the door and across header.