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Quarter Sawn White Oak Doors

Quartersawn White Oak wood doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works are available as Interior Doors or Exterior Front Entry Doors. Quartersawn White Oak doors are available in raised panel or flat panel mission style doors. Shown below are just a few Quartersawn White Oak solid wood door designs.

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Quarter Sawn White Oak Door Characteristics:
Quarter Sawn White Oak heartwood is variable in color and ranges from light tan or pale yellow brown to pale or dark brown.

The sapwood is Quarter Sawn White Oak which is whitish to light brown in color, and is variable in width.

Quarter Sawn White Oak is the same species of wood as Plain Sawn White Oak (See: White Oak Doors) only the lumber is obtained in a different way.

The tree is first cut into four quarters down its length. Boards are then cut from these quarters using several different means.

The end result is a board that typically has very straight grain and the creation of a "tiger stripe" effect that runs through the grain.

These iridescent silver "stripes" are known as ray flecks.

Quarter Sawn White Oak Stain Samples:
Autumn Oak
Traditional Cherry