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Rustic White Oak Doors

Rustic White Oak wood doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works are available as Interior Doors or Exterior Front Entry Doors. Rustic White Oak doors are available in raised panel or flat panel mission style doors. Shown below are just a few Rustic White Oak solid wood door designs.

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Rustic White Oak Door Characteristics:
White Oak heartwood is variable in color and ranges from light tan or pale yellow brown to pale or dark brown.

The sapwood in White Oak is whitish to light brown in color, and is variable in width.

White Oak has a high resistance to liquids.

As such it is very stable and a great option for use in exterior applications.

Uses for White Oak range from ship timbers and barrels to furniture, flooring and Interior Wood Doors and Exterior Front Entry Doors.

White Oak finishes beautifully and makes a fantastic door with a solid heavy swing.

Rustic White Oak incorporates natural characteristics such as mineral streak, knots, surface checks and sap.

Rustic White Oak Stain Samples:
Autumn Oak
Traditional Cherry
Dark Oak
Dark Walnut