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Louvered Doors

(doors with louvers in place of wood panels)
Solid wood Louver Doors are available in sizes to fit Flat Panel Mission Style door panel openings (except arch top designs). Louvered Doors are available with either framed louvers or flush louvers.

Framed louvers are "clamped" into the door after it is built utilizing an Applied Molding. These are typically used to match a raised panel decor.

Flush louvers are installed directly into the doors as it is built and are used to match a mission (Craftsmen, Arts and Crafts) decor.

Louvers can be installed in place of any panel on any of our solid wood door designs except arched panels. Some species material may not be available.

Framed Louver Door
Flush Louver Door
Framed Louver Door
Flush Louver Door