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Divided Lite/French Door Designs

True Divided Lite French Doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works are available in many designs including full view, 5-lite, 10-lite, 15-lite and 9-lite Prarie. All glass door designs have True Divided Lites with individual panes of glass installed (not a wood grill installed over a sheet of glass). Molding profile options include ogee (M1) or rounded (M2) (See Door Profiles). Divided lite doors are not available with mission sticking.

The 400 Series glass door pricing includes the cost of 1/4 inch thick clear safety glass. Other types of glass are available at an additional cost (Etched & Art Glass, V-Groove Glass, Obscure Glass, Mirrored Glass). Please contact us for pricing on these other glass options.

For pricing on the door designs shown below, go to the Door Pricing Guide.

To view a color photograph of a door design, click on the model number under the door. These are large pictures of unfinished doors that were pulled directly from our production line to give you an idea of how our doors look. Please remember that since wood is a natural product, variations in color, grain, and texture will occur.


Regardless of the type of wood shown in a particular design picture, all designs are available in all species of wood that we sell (refer to price pages for different species listing).

Not all have color photos available at the present time, but they are being added as they become available.

Series 400 (Price List)
Pricing Notes:
1. Same as AWW400
2. Same as AWW410
3. Same as AWW420
4. Same as AWW440
5. Same as AWW450