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Mirrored Glass Doors and Framed Mirrors

Allegheny Wood Works, Inc. offers mirrors installed directly into your doors or solid wood framed mirrors that are manufactured to be installed onto your doors.

All mirrors are "safety backed" for increased safety if a mirror is broken.

Mirrors installed into the doors replace the wood panels and are an integral part of the door. Doors can be mirrored on both sides, or have a wood panel on one side and a mirror on the other side.

While full view (AWW450 & AWW451) mirrored doors are the most common application, any wood panel can be replaced with a mirror on any of our door designs.

Our framed mirrors can be made of any wood species that we carry, are manufactured using the same molding profiles as our doors, and are dimensioned to install onto the main structural components of our doors.

Therefore, you will have a beautiful full view mirror that truly matches your door's wood species, molding profile, and size.

Custom sized framed mirrors can be made to your specifications.

Mirrors can also be etched.

See our "Etched Glass and Art Glass" section of the web site for etching options.