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Low Price Guarantee

We don’t want you to have to haggle over pricing. It is our mission to always quote what we believe to be the best price that you will find anywhere for comparable doors. If our job quote is not the lowest you receive, it is likely that a mistake has been made and that we will have adjustment opportunities if you show us the comparable quote.

If you don’t get a quote from us you are paying too much!

Don't be fooled into thinking that by paying more you are getting better quality doors. You are just paying for all of the middle-man mark-ups.

OUR GUARANTEE: If you get a door quote for comparable solid wood doors that is lower than ours we will match that quote and reduce it by an additional 5%. Don’t make your purchase until you get a quote from us. (Only includes doors. Wholesale and retail outlets excluded.)

High quality, low price, that’s our guarantee to you.