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How to Buy Doors from Allegheny Wood Works, Inc.

There is no “shopping cart” option to purchase our doors. Due to the custom nature of most orders and the variety of options, we have found it best to develop individualized quotes on an order basis. To do this, we will need your door specifications. These specifications can be sent to us using our email request form, our PDF request form (for faxing or scanning and emailing), sending us your own form with your door list, or by calling us and giving us the information.

Step 1: Using one of the contact systems listed above send us your door list with specifications. Please include your contact information (phone, fax, email, address) and a shipping address with zip code to determine freight cost. Your contact information is extremely important in case we have any questions about your quote.

Items needed to get a quote are listed on each of our forms. These items are also explained and depicted on our web site.
They include:

Door design/description
Wood Species
Door Width
Door Height
Door Thickness
Panel Profile
Door Molding Profile
If door is to be pre-hung we will also need:
Door Swing (handing)
Jamb width
Hinge color
Any additional custom notes as needed. Quantities of each unique item.
Step 2: We will develop a quote based on the information provided, determine freight costs based on the quantity of doors you specified and email the quote to you. Unless instructed otherwise, we utilize your email address for transmitting your quote to you. We typically respond to your request within 24-48 hours (please watch your “junk-mail” as, depending on your virus protection setting, our commercial server web site can inadvertently be viewed as an unwanted advertisement).

Step 3: Contact us with any questions or revisions to the order. Let us know if you want to place the order.

Step 4: You will receive an order packet by the same means as in Step 2. This packet will include instructions on how to finalize your order in addition to documents related to your order. You must verify that all information on the order form is correct, sign the forms, and return them to us. Reviewing the Order form is critical since that form is what is submitted to our production department to produce your order. They are not privy to any emails or phone conversations you may have had with the sales personnel. The production department will produce what is on the order form. Your signature confirms that the order is correct and ready for production.

Payment terms will be included with the order. Payment can be made by personal check, credit card, or wire transfer and must be made at time of order.
Step 5: After we receive the signed documents and payment deposit your order will go into production.