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Raised Panel Wood Doors

Raised panel wood doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works are available as Interior Doors and Exterior Front Entry Doors and are available in all door designs.

Raised panel doors are an example of frame and panel construction, a method developed hundreds of years ago to combat the effects of moisture on solid wood used in wood doors, cabinetry and furniture making.

In a raised panel door, a large panel is fitted into a groove in the interior edge of a more dimensionally stable frame. The panel is sized slightly smaller than the actual dimension that the grooved frame will accomodate, and simply rests in the groove without being physically attached to the frame.

Since the panel is given a little "room to move" and isn't physically attached to the frame, it is free to expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity without affecting the stable shape and size of the frame.

Raised Panel Door Designs - Click here for a full presentation of our Raised Panel door designs.

Raised Panel door profile options are pictured below (click the image for larger pop-up photo)
P1 Cove with M1 Ogee
Raised Panel Door
P1 Cove with M2 Round
Raised Panel Door
P2 Slant with M1 Ogee
Raised Panel Door
P2 Slant with M2 Round
Raised Panel Door